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November 2022 

The harp of stories.jpg

Celt-edelic: The Art of Lahri Bond
Gallery in the Woods Show

Many of Lahri's Celtic and mythological paintings on being shown and are for sale for the month of November at the wonderful Gallery in the Woods

145 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301 


Please click here to learn more.

May 2022

Montague Water Pollution Control Facility

In November of 2021 I was awarded a commission by the Montague Water Pollution Control Facility to create a ten foot (in diameter) circular mural, featuring 21 birds, fish and animals found along the Connecticut River in Western Massachusetts. The painting of the mural was completed in March 2022.

The mural was installed in May 2022 at Town of Montague Water Pollution Control Facility - 

34 Greenfield Rd, Montague, MA 01351 .

*UPDATE: T-shirts of the design will be available Spring 2023


To read more please click here.

Lahri & Mural.jpg

Miro & the Dragon

Miro & the Dragon.jpg

Commissioned by the parents of a favorite, long-term art student of  mine, Miro & the Dragon is 16" x 16" painted with Liquitex acrylic gouache on gesso board in a wood stained cradle board frame. The painting was completed in April 2021.

Dinosaurs and Rockets

Dinosaurs and Rockets is a set of designs featured in the Massachusetts-based newspaper The Montague Reporter’s special wrapping paper edition. I was chosen as one artist among seven artists to create special festive wrapping paper for the holidays. The idea was was inspired by the writings of the late great Science Fiction and Fantasy author Ray Bradbury.  The wrapping paper includes six different dinosaurs riding rocket ships and spacecraft inspired by ‘50s-‘70s coin operated kids rides, often found outside of dime stores.

To read more please click here.

Dino 1.jpg

Franklin County CDC Farm Mural

CDC Mural

From September through early October 2020, I created a farming-themed mural for the Franklin County Community Development Corporation. This 3-sided, 6ft. x 11ft. mural was an amazingly fun project to do, and I am very thankful to The CDC for offering me the job and supporting the arts in Massachusetts.


To read more please click here.

Pollinator Trail Bee Sculpture

Celtic Bee

In April 2020, I completed painting a fiberglass bee for the proposed Greenfield Pollinators Trail. In Celtic myth, bees were regarded as having great wisdom and acted as emissaries between worlds, able to travel to the Otherworld, bringing back messages from the gods.

UPDATE: This Bees had their official unveiling in Greenfield MA, on May 22, 2021.


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