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Below is a selection of paintings, executed both as commissions and for myself. Though the lion's share of what I draw is used for publication, there is still a major amount of my work that comes from pure inspiration, as well as my interests in folklore and mythology. 

Celtic Mythological Paintings 

The following paintings are part an on-going Celtic mythological-themed series. They reflect my life-long interest in the folklore and myths of my ancestral home in the Borders of Scotland.


Many of these paintings are currently being shown  at the wonderful Gallery in the Woods - 145 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301  and at the Athol Public Library.


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Dinosaurs & Rocketships!

Dinosaurs and Rockets is a set of designs featured in the Massachusetts-based newspaper The Montague Reporter’s special wrapping paper edition. I was chosen as one artist among seven artists to create special festive wrapping paper for the holidays. The idea was was inspired by the writings of the late great Science Fiction and Fantasy author Ray Bradbury.  The wrapping paper includes six different dinosaurs riding rocket ships and spacecraft inspired by ‘50s-‘70s coin operated kids rides, often found outside of dime stores.


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A few more paintings . . .

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